Animal diseases are the leading cause of losses to livestock farmers and pet owners accounting for over 70% of the total damage. Unfortunately, the animal health system in Africa leaves little to be desired and goes a long way to adversely affect these farmers/pet owners who are the lifeline of our local food system. For undeserved communities, quality nutrition, potent vaccines, and safe bio security products are not easily accessible and if they do, they are costly, driving the average cost of production to an unimaginable height and sometimes forcing the unexpected closure of these farms or loss of a pet. More worrisome is the extensive lack of veterinary support as farmers and pet owners battle daily to sustain and fend for their livestock/pets. At Farmalert, we partner with local animal health professionals, mainly veterinarians, who partner with these local farmers/pet owners in building an inclusive system for sustainable animal health and disease prevention.

We foster a peer-to-peer network where access to regular animal health products and veterinary services can be easily obtained and learnings at various levels of farmers’ interaction shared. We make possible easy access to quality inputs such as pet foods, animal vaccines/biologics, veterinary support/on-time extension services, microcredit, and marketing platforms for finished products by building the technology and logistic infrastructure necessary to aggregate and deliver these products quickly and cheaply to agrovet stores nationwide through our network of distribution centers. Our distribution centers located strategically in areas with clusters of animal health stores is currently serving over 200 animal health stores across Nigeria and we are hoping to raise the bar to 2,000 within the next 48 months Scaling this solution, you will agree with me requires a thoughtful and hard-working team who has made it their life’s mission to build and sustain this extensive work across Africa beginning from Nigeria and we are super proud to be leading this at this time


Farmalert, a social animal health enterprise, was founded in 2019 by Dr. Kayode Femi, a passion-driven veterinarian with more than a decade of experience in veterinary medicine. The goal was simple; to enable easy access to affordable animal health in underserved communities in Africa. One community at a time, Farmalert was designed to tackle three major problems that leave the African continent perpetually under poverty and untold hardship. Problems that disproportionally affect underserved communities whose livelihood depends largely on their livestock.

1. High cost of animal health products
2. Poor quality or substandard veterinary medicine/biologic
3. Broken supply chain and poor animal health infrastructure

First, the solution was simple; meet people where they are and look within for answers. We started by establishing service centers in communities with livestock where they can conveniently find all their input need without traveling far and still have the best quality at an affordable price. This became immediately successful as it was a sigh of relief to the already distressed farmers and pet owners.

But soon enough, we observed that scaling this solution will be slow, expensive, and largely unrealistic and it makes sense to pivot into something that can scale and is less expensive. Now, we collaborate with local animal health professional that has earned the trust of their local communities and provide them with logistics and distribution of the much-needed quality animal health products, cheaply and on time, so they can focus on what they do best; serve their communities.

The result has been amazing. So far we are supporting over 200 animal health stores in 200 communities, reducing animal health costs by 10%, and improving farmers’ livelihood by 20%. And we are just beginning as we intend to have a network of 2,000 stores serviced by our distribution centers in the next 48months

Revolutionize animal health care with Farm Alert’s tech-driven solutions. Healthy livestock, happy farmers! 🚀🐄

Our Vision
To be the number one animal healthcare brand in Africa by 2030.
Our Mission
Enabling easy access to affordable animal healthcare in undeserved communities in Africa.
Our Core Values
– Long term thinking
– Accountability
– Courage
– Empathy