Our partners spotlight this week features Dr. Reuben Tyohen. Dr. Reuben is a veterinary doctor and a business owner. He is passionate about seeking God’s grace to effect positive changes in my environment. Enjoy this conversation we had with him. 😉

Farm Alert: How long have you been in partnership with Farm Alert?

Dr. Reuben: Like 2 years.

Farm Alert: How would you describe your journey/experience with with Farm Alert?

Dr. Reuben: The journey has been interesting and rewarding

Farm Alert: Why have you stayed in business with Farm Alert till date ?

Dr. Reuben: Prices of their products are fair.

Farm Alert: What do you like most about Farm Alert?

Dr. Reuben: They are eager to serve me as a customer.

Farm Alert: What does success mean to you?

Dr. Reuben: Success to me means full deployment of my potential, talent, gift , skill to make positive and generational impact in people’s life in my immediate and extended environment.

Farm Alert: Would you attribute your success to having a degree from the University?

Dr. Reuben: Partly to that because University was part of my training in life, but it did not stop there, after school emotional, social, spiritual, mental training continued. I can say Continuous learning and development is what is inspiring my journey to success. I am not yet there but I feel the energy within that is driving me to success. I am optimistic that by the Grace of God I will hit the mark for my creation.

Farm Alert: What occupation did you want to venture into as a child?

Dr. Reuben: Medical Profession.

Farm Alert: What is your current Occupation?

Dr. Reuben: A veterinarian, entrepreneur, researcher and teacher.

Farm Alert: What do you love most about your current occupation??

Dr. Reuben: My thoughts are always engaged positively and that makes me to be creative in thoughts

Farm Alert: Would you want to quit your current occupation for your childhood dreams, if given the opportunity to now?

Dr. Reuben: No

Farm Alert: What quote best describes you as a person?

Dr. Reuben: Guard your heart diligently, for out it spring forth issues of life. Prov 4:23

Farm Alert: Can you tell us 3 rules you adhere to strictly while navigating through life on a day to day basis?

Dr. Reuben: Maintain Excitement in other words keep your mood joyful. | Diligence or consistency (steadfastness) | Faith : That is keeping a mind of positivity or optimism.

Farm Alert: What advice would you like to share with our readers and members of our community?

Dr. Reuben: Live joyfully with yourself and people around you. Maintaining excitement create a beautiful atmosphere around you and attract circumstances that will increase your Joy. The choice to live happily is actually yours. Bitterness, sorrow, depression, envy, unforgiveness and the likes are mental and health destroyers, avoid them.

Farm Alert: Do you have a favorite colour,if yes,which colour is that?

Dr. Reuben: Yes I do. Sky blue.

Farm Alert: Does your favorite colour reflect your personality?

Dr. Reuben: Of course. Sky blue color symbolises openess , freedom, intuition and sensitivity. This reflect my personality in the same that I believe in freedom of ideas, my school of thought is that: there is always a way- out no matter how tough things are, so I complain less and think more with corresponding action (responsibility). The sky is wide.

Farm Alert: Where is the location of the business?

Dr. Reuben: Gwagwalada, Abuja.

Farm Alert: What are your final words for today’s spotlight meeting?

Dr. Reuben: Maintain excitement to remain consistent even in the face of challenges.

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